New Release: Directory of Online Schools

New Release: Directory of Online Schools

degreeDue to many requests, we are releasing “Directory of Online Schools.” In its essence, it is a list of online schools formatted for Avery labels. Why would you want such a thing? There are a few uses:

  1. Marketing to online schools. All that you would need to do is copy these addresses on to the correct label; and/or
  2. A handy way to keep track of contacts you have made with these school. Just print and use. We have included telephone numbers, so that you could use it as a contact list as well.

The label format includes phone numbers and, where available, fax numbers as well.

It comes as a PDF in Avery 6873 format (which is eight labels to a page). It is also available in a variety of label templates for a slightly higher cost. However, should you wish to do the work yourself, we can provide you with the Microsoft Word version for only an additional $5 cost.


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