• New Release: Directory of Online Schools

    New Release: Directory of Online Schools

    Due to many requests, we are releasing “Directory of Online Schools.” In its essence, it is a list of online schools formatted for Avery labels. Why would you want such a thing? There are a few uses: Marketing to online schools. All that you would need to do is copy these addresses on to the correct label; and/or A handy way to keep track of contacts you have made with these school. Just print and use. We have included telephone numbers, so that you could use it as a contact list as well. The label format includes phone numbers and, where available, fax numbers as well. It comes as a PDF in Avery 6873 format (which is eight labels to a page). It is also available in a variety of label templates for a slightly higher cost. However, should you wish to do the work yourself, we can provide you with the Microsoft Word version for only an additional $5 cost. Read more…

  • Submissions


    Are you the author of a book for which you own the rights and/or a publisher who shares our unique niche of online schools (K-12, college, etc.), alternative education, financial aid, and related areas? We are always looking for books to offer our buyers and offer a generous portion of the profits to you in the process. Please notice, though, that we are not looking for books to take through the editing/publishing process. We are only interested in books at this time where they have already been published. In this case, self-publishing certainly could apply. We are open to being your platform where instead of you having your own website, you drive sales to us and we split the profits. If you are interested, please use the Contact Us above and we can discuss details. Read more…

  • Free Sample of “Complete Guide to Online High Schools”

    Free Sample of “Complete Guide to Online High Schools”

    If you are interested in reading the book about online high schools, but not entirely sure if it is worth the money, you now have the option to download the first part of the book. That should help you make a decision. Click on Complete Guide to Online High Schools The book is available as a download from or as either a paperback or Kindle download from Amazon. Read more…

  • Newly-revised


    It’s never a bad idea to create a new website for your publishing company. It’s also never a bad idea to include a blog. For the low discounted price of free, you now get both. Read more…