About Degree Press

About Degree Press

Degree Press is a publisher of college & high school guides. It owns the Best Online High Schools website and a vast array of related websites. Best Online High Schools was the first site on the Internet dedicated solely to providing information about online high schools. Unlike other sites, to be on our site, a school must be accredited or have official recognition from a school district.

Degree Press

Degree Press is a publisher of college and high school guides for traditional and non-traditional students. Our areas of expertise include distance learning, college admissions, and financial aid. Our materials almost always have a twist that makes it different from the rest.

Want to earn your degree quickly? Want to earn your degree cheaply? Want to know all about online high schools? Degree Press offers resources to help you do this (and a whole lot more!).

Privacy Policy

Degree Press, BestOnlineHighSchools.com, and anyone representing either entity will never sell, exchange, or in any way give any of your information to a third party. What you give us stays with us. It really is that simple.

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